When should you use drain cameras and how to use them?

When should you use drain cameras and how to use them?

Due to advancement in technology, digital imaging is used in almost everything. It is no new news that digital imaging is used in plumbing as well. In plumbing, the plumbers use small, waterproof which gives a full coloured image so that they can inspect any problems in the drains of houses or corporate buildings. This camera is an incredible device because it makes drain cleaning so much easy and fast than it used to before.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) drain camera is an amazing innovation in the plumbing industry. Although the term CCTV might be more synonymous with places like shopping malls, government institutions or even this adventure park in Victoria, the plumbing industry owes a lot to it. Just what are they? Basically, they are a diagnostic tool that allows your plumber to correctly identify and locate the position and depth of a busted pipe much faster — without the need for excavation.

If you’re thinking when to use a drain camera here are 3 situations in which you should use a drain camera.

While having, difficult time locating the problem

If you are wondering where is the clog? In what depth, it is? Or whether the pipes are getting clogged by debris? You can get the answers to your questions when you use a drain camera. This device gives information which can give the perfect of doing a thorough pipe cleaning. When you use the camera, you are not guessing it, in fact, you are seeing with your own eyes what the problem is.

When you want to know if there are any small problems which can turn into a big problem.

No one knows how old is our drainpipes and we know that they cannot function for eternity. You may be not having a drain issue currently but in future, you might face a drain problem but when you use drain cameras this problem of not knowing goes out. You can easily spot the problem and see how old your pipes are? Do they require any repairing? You can make decisions based on what you see.

When you lost something precious down the drain

With time, all sorts of things go down the drain do sometimes those things are not important or precious but sometimes precious things like coins, diamond earrings and more precious things. Sometimes these precious things don’t go all the down the drain pipes but they simply get lodged in pipes for years and years. With drain camera, you can see these things and you can easily retrieve them because you would know the location where they are lodged.

Now when you know when to use the drain camera, it is time to know about how to use it.

When you call a plumber, he/she inserts a drain camera which is specifically designed for this work. The camera’s size is similar to our phone’s camera and this tiny camera is attached to a long, flexible and metal cable. Although it is a CCTV, it is by no means the same as the CCTV that you would see at say, this zipline park in Victoria.

When this camera is inserted into a drainpipe, it is controlled by using a small motor which is already installed in the flexible cable. As the plumber pushes the camera inside the drainpipe, it uncoils the long cable.

The camera is controlled by the motors but it is also connected with a portable circuit display. There are powerful lights on the camera which lights up when the plumber inserts it inside the drain and this helps the plumber to see what is inside the drain. By seeing the problem, the right decision can be made to resolve the problem.

When should you use drain cameras and how to use them?


To sum it up, drain camera reviews are useful if:

  • The cause or location of your obstructed drain is unknown
  • Your obstructed drain has been cleared and the blockage returns

In such cases, a drain camera review is your best bet to resolve the puzzle. If the problem keeps recurring, there is probably a more complex issue that warrants further investigation.


A drain camera review speeds up the procedure for identifying the cause of your obstructed drain.


Considering that the camera permits you to inspect the entire length of a problematic blocked drain, it allows your own plumber to pinpoint the specific cause of the congestion properly. They will know right away if the issue is due to a clog, a tree root, a broken pipe or some other matter.

With this understanding, your blocked drain specialist may fix the reason for your blockage. The correct solution is crystal clear. This means there will be no need to cover a plumber many times since they blindly try to address the problem with ineffective methods. You’ll just need to cover once — that’s it.


CCTV is far more price – and time-effective than excavating the entire length of the drain.

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