What to Consider When Designing a Set of Twin’s Room

Planning for a baby is like stepping onto a path of no return. A path fraught with joy, excitement and a healthy dose of mystery as well. However, a surprise attack in the form of twins? Certainly, double the joy, but double the trouble as well! In current times of burgeoning prices and decreasing spaces, twins would most certainly shrink your perfect house, to an uncomfortable degree of compactness. Thus, designing a room for twins may seem like a daunting task.

Never fear, my friends! Here are a few tips and tricks to consider when planning that perfect combination room –

Double the joy does not mean double the purchase!

While twins do require double the number of clothes and diapers, there is no reason to buy two different pieces of furniture for nursing, sanitation as well as general desks. Invest more in storage spaces for kiddie stuff like toys, clothes and baby hygiene.

Plan the closet and drawer space

You can organise space in the closet and drawers by separating twin stuff inside using removable wooden dividers. This ensures that you do not have to buy two individual closets and wardrobes and continue to retain division of things.

Purchasing different styles

Whereas dressing up your twins in identical clothes will certainly draw exclaims of awe and joy, it would also strain your finances to keep purchasing two of different styles and fashion. It would be better to buy different styles of clothes and mix-and-match the infants, so that your twin babies look chic without the financial stress.

Two cribs

One big-sized crib could solve a space crunch problem, but in the long run, having two is more feasible. Especially when one of the twins is sick or uneasy and fussy, a single crib could mean disturbed rest for both (which in turn means disturbed rest for you). Also, as both babies grow, a single crib would definitely have to be replaced causing quiet an increased financial outflow in the near future.

Room Décor

Blue for boy, pink for girls. These themes are common and popular. What if you have one of each? Avoid glaring, bold colours. Muted, calming and neutral colours work the best. Child-proof the entire room without fail. Soft carpets, heavy blinds that block bright sunlight and tall gates that can stop a naughty baby trying to get out by standing on the shoulder of another equally mischievous baby are certainly necessary. Don’t forget the dream-catcher to keep nightmares away and a lyrical-soft wind-chime that dispel a taut, silent atmosphere!

Another alternative may be choosing a neutral colour such as beige and having two separate interior wall finishes for both of the twins. The inclusion of a feature wall for each child may also avoid any arguments for then the children are older, which means you can live easy!

Room for twins is easier to plan when they are infants. As they mature into their true personalities and grow bigger, with their own likes and dislikes, their own quirky personalities and ambitions; their personal stuff and secrets, designing the room becomes a tad more difficult.

Sturdy double-bunker beds in dark walnut finish would do for sleeping quarters. It is not always possible to have space to fit in two desks, two chairs,and two book-shelves. Retractable tables, foldable chairs that can fit in thin spaces between the wall and closets and a ladder to reach all those storage spaces constructed above their heights are indispensable. At least two electronic sockets and charging docks should be made available. Long wardrobes with shelves instead of space to hang clothes should be preferred as everything can be neatly folded and kept on top of each other. Adhesive hooks that can be stuck behind the door and lined up on walls should be purchased. They can be used to hang school bags, camera bags and other paraphernalia without having to plan for multiple cupboards to stove them away.

Designing a child’s room shouldn’t seem scary or hard. It should be a fun and enjoyable experience for the exciting times ahead and the memories to be made.

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