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What Materials Are Used When Building a Home

There are so many different materials that are used for constructing homes from naturally occurring to synthetic. What building materials are used will be determined by the cost, availability and which are best suited for the needs of your new home. Manufacturing building materials is a large global industry and there are so many trades that need different materials when it comes to building a home like plumbing, electrical and landscaping.

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Here is a list of the most commonly used materials in house building:


Wood is a common choice when it comes to a building material. While there has been a shift within other types of engineering products the use of wood has many different advantages Wood can be lightweight and easily cut compared to other materials such as steel. The curb appeal in wood is easier to decorate than other materials.

The disadvantage of using wood in building homes is the fact it is susceptible to water damage, fire, decay and termites. Wood isn’t as environmentally sustainable than other green materials like composite lumber and recycled steel.


Plastic is popular when it comes to the construction of a home and it is often due to the fact that they have different properties that make it an easy fit for most different uses. Plastic is not very expensive and is lightweight with a high resistance to corrosion. This is why most pipes are made out of plastic materials. The downfall of using plastic is they are not biodegradable and are highly flammable.


Glass has become very popular as it is an urban building material for residential homes and commercial properties. Glass is resistant to UV rays, energy efficient and has different variety of reflective surfaces if you wanted extra privacy.


Metal is used as a structural framework for large buildings and homes. Wire work and aluminium make up a large part of the metals that are used within constructions. The good thing about using metal is its high strength, resistant to fire, its durability and its ability to withstand the adverse climatic conditions. The disadvantages of using metal is the maintenance, the high cost of production and corrosion. There are many useful items that have been made from steel and metal, including welded mesh panels and steel house frames.


Cement is used as a binder in construction. It is resilient and aids at improving the overall structure of the building. It can be easily manufactured and as it has a longer cooling/warming cycle it is better at accumulating the heat needed for your home. Cement can be hard and brittle and will suck up moisture and dirt.

Bricks and blocks

Bricks and clocks are fireproof and are immune to rotting which makes them ideal for a strong foundation. Bricks are made with many renewable materials, so they are an eco-friendly choice. The disadvantages are they are heavy, and they will require a deep foundation. They can be vulnerable to mod if in the right location.

Whether you are building a home from the ground up or you may be renovating it’s important for you to know the drawbacks and the benefits of the materials that can be used to build or renovate a home. You want the most durable and long-lasting materials for your home to stand the test of time. It pays to shop around and seek the advice from a professional as to what the best materials are for your situation.

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