What a modern stadium absolutely needs

What a modern stadium absolutely needs

If you have been to a game in a new stadium that is no more than ten years old, you can easily tell the difference between the older stadiums and the newer ones. While it is important to create a visually appealing building when the game is on a lot, don’t care about the designs of building etc. People are interested in the entertainment.  When new stadiums are bigger and packed full of better stuff the prices of the tickets go bigger as well. Unfortunately, this has alienated the fans, and we hope this is seen to soon in these difficult economic times.

A few things people believe should be in modern stadiums are:

Tv screens

Here we aren’t talking about tv screens around the area but tv screens right in front of you. While it isn’t practical to be placing tv screens in front of every sear which seats an average of 80,000 people but offers a few sections with tv screens in the seats to allow fans to see the action right in front of them up close as well as watching the ground too, the one thing fans hate doing is visiting the bathroom especially if there is a lineup. True fans would love tv screen in the bathrooms, so they don’t miss a single moment. Is this that important? The fans seemed to think so and gave the idea a thumbs up.

Bars overlooking the game

Alcohol doesn’t just get sold at the concession stands and vendor carts we now see it getting sold in a more luxury manner. With bars in the stadiums overlooking the game, they can charge more for the beverages sold. The idea for these came from the fire and ice loungers that we can see in the Prudential centre that give people a clear sight to the lines of the ice. This was recognised quickly how much of a hit the bars had become and followed the idea. While these are good there needs to be a few more that are lower in price, so more people can enjoy them. The new Meadowlands stadium has a fancy coaches club that has a desk of suites that sits just five yards behind the home bench. This also is going to be put in the new designs for a more modern stadium in the future.

Domed roofs

The domed stadiums have not yet become universal in the sports scene as some teams suffer the struggle of the challenges that the elements can present them. If we are talking in economical ways, then there is no sense in losing customers because of a little snow or rain. Domed roofs have been modernised and can get retracted within just a few minutes. When the stadium is enclosed, it can then hold more than just sporting events which will allow other people to earn money during the day when the stadium is not getting used.

Some of these changes can you can see at the modern stadiums already, but it will soon be a mandatory rule for every stadium to have. It is expected that with the growing technology and the people’s demands for modernising stadiums that there will be even more great changes being brought in to modernise sports stadiums.


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