The machinery you need for a big renovation

Remodelling is hard work, and there is so much involved that you are going to need a lot of work machinery.  Renovation can include plastering, drywall work, plumbing and electrical work, tiles and concreting and often roofing as well. There is nothing worse than starting a job only to find out that you haven’t got the tool you need. This will waste time and your patience as you interrupt your flow of work to go to the hardware store to get the tool you need. Be sure to have all the tools you need before commencing work.

Here is a checklist of the most common work machinery and tools you will need.

Powered screwdriver:

This tool will help you complete most of the jobs that need doing. It will drive screws in but be aware this type of tool is not for drilling. You don’t need power for this tool instead it just uses a light motor with a 12v lithium-ion battery. So, you aren’t dealing with power leads getting in your way. Most of these tools will come with LED’s that you will find around the collar which won’t give you shadows to try and work around. This can be used as a flashlight alone if need be you just pull the trigger slightly. The tool can stand upright for easy access and can get used one-handed so you can hold things in place while using it.

Quick square:

This tool is cheap to buy and can always be a confusing one. This tool can be used as a saw guide or as a protractor. Other people have used these for other things as well. Do a google search beforehand to see what else people use it for.

Stud sensor:

A stud sensor makes your job easier when you want to hang heavy items or cut into walls. Paying a bit extra for a better model is worth it to ensure you are getting accuracy. It can locate studs for you, so you know exactly where to cut or place something on the wall. People without one of these will simply hammer small nails into the wall to find one or knock on the wall until they hear solidness. This is very time consuming and very annoying.


Now, a jigsaw is a must have for renovations to take the manual labour out of cutting pine boards or plywood. There are even cordless versions which again means no extension leads running everywhere that become a tripping hazard.

Circular saw:

If you don’t have much room for a table saw, then using a circular saw will get the job done. The only thing with this tool is to ensure you know how to use one properly before using it. They can cut through thick wood with absolute precision to build shelves, cut wood benchtops etc.

Impact driver:

The impact driver looks just like a drill but is used to drive big bolts into the wood when building furniture, working on the car, or putting together flat packed office furniture. These tools give you a downward force that is rotational in order to tighten large bolts.


A ladder:

Now, this item is a must for all renovations. It allows you to reach heights safely without standing on chairs or furniture. There are different models some that can go into heaps of different positions, one with a cup holder for your much-needed coffee and special rungs that keep your feet comfortable as you stand on the ladder all day.


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