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5 Ways To Energize An Old Home

Most of us don’t want to be living in a home that has dirt, dust and trash everywhere. We keep our homes clean, which in turn help our homes feel fresh and energized. However, did you know there is another way that you can clean your home and make it feel cosier and more comfortable? Perhaps it’s time to include some coastal home interiors? Or paint the walls? Read on to find out the best of my tips.

Maintaining the energy in your home is important. The main reason for this is so you can feel like it’s your place of belonging, and to unwind and relax. If your home does not feel energized, then it can disrupt your state of mind. And by the state of mind, I mean both physical, emotional and mental/spiritual well-being. It can be hard to identify the energy in your home, as you can only feel it within yourself, you cannot see it. Your home is basically just an extension of your spirit and body. 

In the olden days people offered a house blessing as part of a tradition that would invite some positive energy to your home. But these days people are often looking for a more modern approach. When I want a quick fix, I usually buy some cute stuff from milk and sugar homewares and it immediately makes the room feel nicer. Whether you are moving into a new home or simply want to update your current living space, then consider trying the following things to attract more energy to your home: 

5 tricks that will energize your home

Playing uplifting music loud

The volume makes a difference. The vibrations of sound can penetrate everything from the floorboards and the walls to the very foundations of your home. Don’t go crazy with the music (you don’t want to annoy the neighbours), but by cranking up the music and ensuring you’re only playing uplifting songs, you can help to energize both yourself and your home.

Rosemary and water

If you want to clear out the energy in a specific room, you might want to have a look at oils. A great way to do this yourself is to put some rosemary sprigs in a bowl of water and walk it around your home. Add a few drops of essential oils with the water cleanse. This will help clear the energy in the house and bring a pleasant smell to the building. 

Salt when vacuuming

Salt has been known to absorb toxins and yucky stuff. Before you vacuum, sprinkle sea salt on the floor and let it sit for a few good hours. Make sure you get it into the corners where the gunky stuff tends to accumulate.  After that, you can vacuum it up and dispose of the salt that you vacuumed up in the rubbish bin. 

Add plants to your space

As humans, we actually have a powerfully symbiotic relationship with plants. Plants provide oxygen, which is what we breathe. And then, in turn, they use the carbon dioxide that we breathe out. In short, our waste becomes their energy and their waste becomes ours. That’s why having a few plants in your room can provide you with enough air to survive. Did you also know plants absorb negative energies from the environment just like we do? Having many plants will help clear the air of any bad energy – and they look pretty too! 


Adding a fresh coat of paint can be both the easiest and cheapest way to quickly change the appearance and energy in a room. Pick a well-selected colour that brings positive energy to your home, such as soothing neutrals or punchy brights. What colour you choose will depend on your personal preference. 

There are so many ways you can energize your home; from paint to aromatherapy. With so many benefits to each of these tips, there is no reason not to try it! Try to include these tips in your weekly cleaning routines. Start this week and you’ll soon find that you feel much better. 

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